Jotun – video game

May 12, 2015

Set to come out later year Jotun is looking great!
Love the Nordic story, female main character and cell animated look!
Sadly no console version announced yet but maybe one will be announced at some point?
Otherwise I might just have to play this on my old mac 🙂


Monument Valley – iOS game is out!

April 4, 2014

Game website >>

App Store DE link >>

I might put up a review of the game once have played it through 🙂
and Android users do not despair an Android version is being developed as well.

Ok game is installed so I am off…


RIOT – game

March 27, 2014


Tengami – ios game

December 23, 2013


Drei – ios game

December 21, 2013
App store (iPad):
Free trial (PC/Mac):
Official website:

Thank you Koi for the original post 🙂


Framed – ios game

December 20, 2013

unfortunately we will have to wait till 2014 to play this one…


Blek – ios game

December 19, 2013

Thank you Ken for the original post 🙂


Google mapdive

October 23, 2013

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