VGA Trailers – my favs #game #trailers

December 10, 2012

well the VGAs are over and done
not that I watched them (might in a bout of boredom) but as usual they ended up showing a bunch of never seen before game trailers…
and here are our (harhar) my? favorites

Last of us–world-prem…
Totally looking forward to this one, I do hope the narrative lives up to the hype but its Naughty Dog so how can it not!

Bioshock infinite–world-p…
Loved the first Bioshock, the second one Mnnn not so much but still fun.
The ‘third’ instalment looks great can’t wait!

Tomb raider–world-premier…
IP reboot showing a lot of promise still not 100% sure about this one but maybe….

Anyways quite interesting that all the above are mostly one player games!
So much of multiplayer taking over the gaming industry 🙂
Long live single player 🙂