ZOMBIES, RUN! #storytelling #running #app #iOS with #zombies https://www.zombiesrungame.com/ #gamification #run

March 3, 2012

Last night when I first read about this I was to say the least quite excited about the idea/concept!
How did I miss this… (app went live on 27.02.2012)

Basically it an iOS running app (Android coming soon) that combines a zombie apocalypse narrative with yes running…
So as you run the story develops. Just love the idea! Trying to figure out if one can run this app concurrently with the Nike+ GPS app (which I have been using for years)
If it does watch out zombies here I come!

Again great stuff! Excited about this one!
BTW The app was funded as Kickstarter project so its even cooler 🙂