World of Goo #iphone fun but I think better on ipad or pc fingers hide action

April 18, 2011

As much as I was hyped about World of Goo coming out for the iphone after playing it for the whole weekend (was home, sick with a cold)
I have to admit that maybe the game is better played on a PC or possibly on the ipad.

I found that very often my fingers where hiding the goo I meant to move around and that due to this I could not be as exact or fast as I wanted to.
This short coming is fine on levels where one does not have to move quickly but on the ones where fast reactions were needed well… playing became painful.
Often I even had problems hitting the fireflies? that trigger the undo function. Here I had to hit the spot where they were flying around several times to trigger the undo
(maybe the hit area is too small?)

This is really the first game on the iphone that made me wish i had a stylus. Yes I know one can pinch zoom but that does complicate things in the heat of the action.

Anyways great game, full of fun bizarre ideas but it made me want to graft little baby fingers on my hand or become invisible.