First impressions Infinity Sword on iphone 3GS-looks great sometimes slight slow-downs but very impressed #mobile #gaming

December 9, 2010

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of months you have probably heard of Infinity Sword.
Running on the Unreal engine this game has been hyped something fierce in the last couple of week….

and of course I had to get as soon as it showed up in the app store. 🙂

Here some my first impressions:(after playing for a bit over 5 minutes so by no means a review)

universal app – which is great so buy it once and it will look pretty on all your apple mobile devices

4.99 Eur price is far of course cheaper would have been better but what the heck… considering I was shocked to find out the price of some ‘HD’ apps
which retail for a lot less in standard version this is a good deal.

So about the game, very impressed with graphics, the game looks very polished and feel very like Japanese Action/RPG console title.
As I mentioned in the title sometimes I noticed some slight slow down but nothing critical and I am sure these might just be because I am running the app on the a 3GS so I am assuming the ipad & newer devices should have no problems…

The fighting controls, dodging, slashing etc. feel good so nothing to complain about here

I can only recommend this puppy and I am sure it will look bloody amazing on a retina display or the ipad.