RAGE iPhone Now Available links itunes de HD http://is.gd/hliFl Standard http://is.gd/hliLm #mobile #3D #gaming

November 18, 2010

id Software has just released Rage (both standard & HD versions) in the itunes store

running on id Tech 5 engine the game looks quite good
I was only able to try the standard version (I have a 3GS)…. still I was impressed by it… nice textures, enemies models are so far a bit too similar but the control work well
and while the one level I played was a tad short there is some replay value there (getting more point, hitting more targets and bonuses)
As far as I can tell there are 3 difference locations to play through with the last one being locked till player finished second level? not sure since I just started playing this…

I had problems with the sound effects not working but once I restarted my iphone (reboot) they worked…

Anyways it is a pretty straight forward shooter on rails which takes place in the universe/world of the upcoming Rage console & PC release…
so lots of mutants and guns… Exciting to see the iphone/ipad evolving as game platform! Go John Carmack! Go!

Links to German itunes store