Ad agencies preparing for iPad new format but I get the urge to bitch slap the 2 presenters

March 25, 2010

Its like OMG… like the new standard you know… and like people will not be satisfied with plain old ads aHHHHHHhhhHHH!

ok agreed that the ipad will open up an whole bunch of interesting ways for presenting content in a website Errr I meant magazines on the ipad.

Hopefully it will not just be ads. Having said that the poor souls that where ‘interviewed’ for the piece need to be bitch slapped Arrrrgh! Man oh man!
Wait I am being creative let do a whole bunch of hand gestures while explaining my brilliant idea… sigh…

(it will probably turn out that they are both mighty editors and that with this post I have killed any change of me evehhh doing any work for Vogue or Wired)