BRINK gameplay vids – quite like the art direction

December 6, 2009

I am not a huge fun of FPS but…ok ok I have been playing MW2 every chance I get but… FPS tend to be a weak on narrative and art direction etc…

Anyways ever since I saw the first still of this game my interest was peaked

I quite like the character design, the color scheme(s)
it reminds me of well… comics I like to read and it is a welcome alternative to most FPS which try to be hyper realistic.
Plus even if it is too early to tell there seems to be a plot! Uhhhh a welcome change! đŸ™‚
Also the controls (1st video) seem to be interesting  and the fact that single-player and multi-player are seamlessly integrated sound like an other great  idea.

Bad news is that we will have to wait till fall of 2010 to play this one…

Excited about this one!

Check out these gameplay vids:
(HD gametrailers)