Learn how to embed fonts on your webpages 2 great articles explaing the @font-face tag

November 11, 2009

Embedding fonts in websites has been a dream of all web designers since… well the beginning of the web.
Yes we all love Verdana or Times New Roman and of course there have been work-arounds and hacks to do this, be it using graphics or stuff like sIFR, but the new CSS tag @font-face seems to offer THE solution!

“Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipi ya hey” yells the somewhat skeptical web designer knowing that this sounds way too good to be true!
“Yet an either lie from the IT department?? This sounds all too good!”

and wadda you know he or she (being PC) is right!

As always the solution of our every font loving online developer is not that easy to deploy due to…
Yes! you have guessed it!!

Discrepancies in the implementation of the tag in the various browsers on the market!
and yes licensing problems and of course a secret conspiracy to make Comic sans the only font available for online use…

but rest assured it really not that bad AND that after reading these two articles you will know how to do this before your client can say “what is a serif font?”

so read on oh font web folk, read on and learn about the power of the @font-face tag: