TotNot must concert to check out in Hamburg! Feb 09 edition

January 16, 2009

so yes it’s that time again…

I have been wanting to put this up for a while but been to lazy I mean busy to do so…
Well I have to say 2009 so looking quite good for interesting live gigs in Hamburg.

here is a list of concerts which I would suggest to check out:
(yes I know I am sounding lame but my excitement level is kinda low on friday night at the office)


here they are:

Friday 30 January 2009
Fischerspooner DJ set at u&g should be good me love da fischers ya

Monday 9 February 2009
Barbara Cuesta acoustic guitar pop alternative and at the pony bar

Saturday 21 February 2009
Metronomy fun band with a lovely new album and the prinzenbar which is a great location!
I looove their first single off it! yes yea a thing for me (quicktime vid)

Tuesday 3 March 2009
Friendly Fires also fun band and at molotow which is also nice and small!

yuppers as you tell with this cold I am all for nice intimate concerts!!!
but days are getting longer Yeeeehi!