Resident Evil 5 Demo a short review

January 27, 2009

well yesterday a demo of the long awaited Resident Evil 5 was made available on xbox live. (demo have been a available in Japan for a while)

After almost flipping out because it looked like it would not be available in Germany when this changed and I was able to get my hands on the demo last night 🙂 Having said that I have pre-ordered RE5 from the UK to make sure it will be in English and not censored (you never know here… Germany while liberal with most things seem to REALLy have a problem with Errr let us call them mature video games)

ok so to keep things short is a short list of + & –
Most of these deal with game visuals since not much of the story is shown within the demo.

+ game looks great

there was a bit tearing in the cinematic sequences and while playing

controls while true to RE style feels a bit dated (but I can live with that)

inventory management has been improved but still feels a bit dated

+ like the fact that items can be passed on to co op player

+ zombies reacting to where they are hit, shoot one in the leg and he grabs it

+ one can shoot weapons away from zombies is a nice touch say one is carrying a knife you shoot his hand he drops it. nice touch…

no damage models on the zombies hit one in the leg and there is a blood spurt but no damage is visible got an exploding head once 🙂

in the cut scenes characters are carrying their default weapons. Say you are holding the shot gun, cut scene starts and character is holding a revolver minor point but it does break continuity

+ like that the secondary weapon is visible on the back of the protagonist

no rag-doll physics on the zombies? shooting zombie with a shot gun was fun but they spun back and died in the same way far too often

+ like the level design,color,lighting,grainy film filter look

+ like the character design but it just occurred to me how come there are no female zombies? prob part of the story?

+ like the way the dead zombies melt away nice effect

interaction hints were a bit annoying but I think these can be turned off

Overall I enjoyed the demo but the control scene (while one gets used to it quickly and is in the usual RE style) does feel outdated. While the game does looks great and was fun to play I did wish a couple times that the franchise had made a step towards modern gaming conventions (say controls alla Gears 2) and still having to click on elements on the scene just to get text like “Mnnn a chainsaw I wonder what they were doing here” also seemed a bit silly… but hey I am still looking forward to this game. Over and out for now 🙂