Hamburg concert reminder for next week

November 30, 2008

hello hello,

so just wanted to remind ya all next week there 2 good concerts coming up!!!

Yes I have mentioned this before but… better safe than sorry

so on Tues. dec.2 Lykke Li will be playing at u&g and…
on Thurs. Dec 4 Digitalism at the Markthalle

Going to both and they should be both good. Interested to see Lykke Li live
and yes digitalism will rock! That is… if I can really get in with the old concert ticket otherwise I will kick their ass! 🙂

Also later this month Diechkind WTF is up with the 20 concerts they are giving in HH..
first no friggen concerts for years and now 4 in a bit more than a month!
Still not sure about the last album and still wondering why the f**k Ferris MC is in there… Errr whatever the concert should be kick ass anyways

me so eloquent today

and lest us not forget the Go!Team is here on the… 20? and that is a band I looking forward to checking out!!

so all and all December is shaping up to be a good month for live music in Hamburg

later music lovers