Geek links

June 24, 2008

yes Tuesday is geek day! Well everyday is geek day! Weeee! joy Joy!

so here are two links for all the geeks out there! Let me hear ya make some noise… (silence)
Ya baby… (of course being a professional method actor I am now PLAYing the role of a geek)

so what do geeks like? Star wars and monsters yes yes! and p**n err sorry where was I…

childhood memories of princess Leila in return of Jedi sorry digress

so check these puppies out:
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Paintings for Star Wars
a set of detail concept painting for the star wars saga cool
(now wearing thick black rim glasses with white tape on them)

Monstruos Diabolicos
cheesy monster card collection! Love the style!
(now also wearing a pat benetar vintage tshirt)

thanx mizze-olle-ander