2 nicey music videos

June 17, 2008

yes its summer so time to hippidi hop and be all cheery and chase after flowers like the good little bees we are!

so here are hand picked wammi bammi vids (yes today is “talk like an overly cute 4 year old” day)

The Ting Ting’s “Shut up and let me go” – sounds like CSS has cute singer girlie and contagious beat and a fun video too!

Annie “I know UR Girlfriend Hates me” – Annie is back with this lovely single. Forget Madonna and say ba bie to Kylie this is as good as dance pop gets, really! Looking forward to the full album and yes she is also adorable… but of course that does not at all have to do with the fact I like the music. really!

both are quicktimes

keep on hippidy hopping my little beez!