Two interesting article on the brain in Scientific American

May 16, 2008

so how does our brain work?
and yes I do assume you have one if you are reading this…
I have been thinking about this lately (yes with my brain) or my brain has been thinking about it or I or am I my brain or is my brain me oh shit! PLEASE RESTART HARDWARE FAILURE…

ok ok quick before my attention wains and I forget what I meant to say!
I like vanilla ice cream… Errr no I meant so about the brain…. oh those are pretty clouds… shit where was I…
a yes the brain! Mnnn what about it? Mnnn

hehe sometime I am so not funny that well it physically hurts (as in people throwing stuff at me)

ok ok here is an interesting article on the brain and creativity and one the brain and organisms possibly an odd combination but I don’ t think so and of course all very work safe since it is science after all.
Now if I could combine both… then I think I would get a lot more work done… Uhhh thaz bad!

Have a great week-end!

and remember no kids tonite hafenklang exil