Totalnonsense muxtape 2 now online!

May 20, 2008

yes some of you might have noticed already…
(but wait I am assuming someone is actually reading all the great crap I put on here)

Sunday I put a brand spanking new totalnonsense muxtape online,
this one is a bit mellower just a little… well and to make things easier I have now integrated the muxtape links as permalink or the right… Now look right! No not left! RIGHT! Wow look to two links the totalnonsense muxtapes…

ok if you some reason cannot look right (say some weird cant look right eye disease…) here is a link

TotalNonSense muxtape 2

Say thank you! NOW!

Anyways me iz somewhat brain dead, a good work day & presentation sooooooooooooo without any further ado

ta ta and till tomorrow my imaginary readers

UPDATE: wow! really not a peep! We let me say this: you all suck! Yes you! S U C K! ah! and what are going to do about it! nothing!!!! because no one is reading this shit! wahahaha!