Photoshop tip – remove people wahahaha!

May 24, 2008

Could it be that you wish to remove your ex from your last set of holiday photos?
Well rejoice with Photoshop cs3 expunging all traces of that evil ex is as easy as pie (why is pie easy I will never know). All you need is several images of the same location, a couple of clicks and then BAM! no more ex!! Now you can finally invite friends and family for a 2 hours digital slideshow without being asked stupid questions like “hey what even happend to hans?” or “why is betzy not here? I really liked her”

Ok of course this could also be used for other stuff. Say removing car traffic from images etc. So if you feeling vengeful against someone and want to remove him or her it is has never been easier. Check these two tutorials for creative techs:

remove unwanted peeps 1
remove unwanted peeps 2

come to think of it someone running the creative techs website must really not like people 😉