No Kids – Last minute concert infos

May 15, 2008


not only is the weather friggen amazing but now this!!!

No Kids
16.05.2008, Hamburg (D), Hafenklang Exil

My favorite band from Vancouver will be playing in HH tomorrow!!! Sweeet! (ok to be fair its the only band I like out Vancouver. my old hometown ahhh memories…)
so nice mellow stuff kinda sounds like Mnnn hot chip a little? Geek pop electro
perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect for these lovely evenings!

Go Canada go!!!!

so Go go go go!!! get tickets NOW!

here the no kids myspace page

I will be there! Who is coming? Getting tix tomorrow!
UPDATE: only abendkasse so no tix…
REFU*KINGUPDATE: so there are tickets but No kids is part of a bigger show the evening is called
“DoublexX – Xtrem & Xtraordinary-dancemusic” friggen awesome name or… =/ ok tix are 8 E will get some tomorrow who wants in? Check for infos
UPDATE UPDATE: after trying to get tix this morning I was told there aren’t any for saleĀ  so NUR ABENDKASSE!