It a bird, its a plane, its Superman no wait its a…? Flying logo?

May 20, 2008

logos here
logos there
logos on my underwear

logo you
logo me

the sky is blue
and… shit cant finish my soon to become famous poem about logos

Any suggestions?

Anyways I am sure you didn’t know I was so poetic? Well yes I might look like an hard ass. But inside… Oh I have the soul of a little girl…. Weeee! Err of course I am kidding about the little girl thing…

so listen you logo freax now not only can you tattoo your favorite logo on your forehead but you can make little fluffy cloud logos! and watch float away! Weeee! Fun idea!

friggen fluffy cloud flying logo = flogo (how catchy gah!)

check out the fluffy logos! Wait I have an idea!! Even cooler would be to add color to this things!!! yes pink logos flying would be soooooo cute! ooops Errr ok

check out the flogo website

thanx Tinar