Four Eyed Monsters & Young American Bodies – two great online series

May 12, 2008

just found these 2 great online series on
both are independent candid narratives in nice little 5/6 min. episodes. Great content!
Plus it is inspiring to see such good indie content in a series format and online for free to boot!
and we like good and free!

Young American Bodies
no punch pulled stories of the relations of 20 somethings in Chicago (nudity and sex here so might want to check if someone is looking over your shoulder if you are at work)

Four Eyed Monsters
a pair of artists decide to make a movie these online episodes document their creative process. Direct, emotional and real (so far my favorite out of the two) UPDATE: just finished watching all 13 episodes and loved it! wow! so please do me a favor, take sometime to watch this. One of the better things I have seen in a while both online and off! WATCH IT!

BTW what I also wanted to say if you have a story to tell even the simplest ways of story telling work, if you don’t not even millions of dollars of special effects will help (err say 100000 BC)