FLY DVD fashion mag

May 27, 2008

Ok so I am bit of a wanna be fashion whore..
hard to tell maybe? well the idea of a DVD fashion magazine sounded interesting.
So enter Fly the DVD fashion mag. Idea is well get fashion and art peeps to produce videos and fill a dvd with the stuff. Each issue has a theme and it comes out quaterly for a sweet 45 dollars…
I mean why not, we are constantly talking about moving image making their way in every aspects of our media landscape soooo… still and this is possibly unfair but after looking at the downloadable sample for the fly webiste I wasnt that impressed. The stuff feels a bit old maybe because it is… the logo is also a bit 80’s or? Anyways I would to be proved wrong… So fly editorial folks if you read this just send a copy and I will do a proper review. 😉

Fly dvd fashion mag website