Digitalism concert mixup and review

May 12, 2008

change of location, did a great dj set but not a live one and new concert in two weeks

So Digitalism was supposed to play a live a live set at vivo but…
for some odd reason the venue got changed to Click. Once we got there we were told that they were not going to play live (I am still not sure why probably some tech problems). Anyways the crowd was not too happy to hear this but they did a great DJ set mixing some of the hits with classics from New Order and even Eurythmics. So even they didn’t manage to play live we all had a great time. Good news is that do to this mix up Digitalism promised they would be doing a live gig in Hamburg in about two weeks! Also great is that people that bought tickets last week’s concert can use the ticket to get into the new one! Sweeeeet!

Ok this does remind me of the time when they were supposed to play with the Presets (they have new album out btw) at the Neidklub and didn’t show up because they had to play for their label (kitsume) in Paris. I also think people at that concert were told they could use the tix to future Digitalism concerts but that never happened..

But none the less had a great time on Saturday and I am looking forward to next Digitalism concert. It will be last of their tour and on top of that in their home town so it will kick ass!

As soon as the location and date are made public you folks will be the first to know!

and out in the sun this weekend just been f**king amazing wow!!