Want to use half a keyboard?

April 11, 2008

Sometimes I lie in bed and think…
Man I always have to think about that one! Lie in bed or lay in bed. Lie is correct but I do not mean as in lying bed because there I am always honest. Yes yes Err WTF?

Anyway I lie in bend and think “Mnnn would the world be a better place if had smaller keyboards??”
Well finally my prayers have been as answered! A wildly creative Canadian firm has come up a half keyboard with a spacebar toggle! Like wow think of it! I could juggle kittens with right hand (Steve Martin reference) or slice cooking bananas with my white ceramic Japanese knife (oh dont have one) as an idea it could be interesting to use. If it didnt like cost like 3 full keyboards!! Well am I being sarcastic? Possibly but the price is no joke!

So check out the half keyboard