TED conference videos rock my brain!

April 11, 2008

Well the last couple of days while working I have listening/watching TED conference vids.
Yes of course you know about the TED conference. If not well that has changed now! (how clever of moi)

These were some of my favorites:

TED video Starck
once you get over his funny inspector clouseau accent (you foolz!) ok that was mean.
His talk and way of thinking and expressing his ideas is brilliant!

TED video Normar Foster
or is it Sir Norman… anyways interesting vid about green architecture where of course he tell us he is been doing it for 30 years already but still quite good.

TED video Vilayanur Ramachandran
A journey in how the mind works and some very interesting work on phantom pain.

TED video Jill Bolte Taylor
a brain scientist describes her experience while having a stroke. This video really moved me interesting and powerful stuff!

So do your brain a favor and check the above and while you are at it check all the videos on this website.
This website has a lot to offer!