Mixtapes – web 2.0 style

April 14, 2008

There is no better way to say you care than with music! Remember in old days before everything went digital there was a thing called audio tapes. Ahh yes I remember spending evenings in front of the stereo putting mixtapes together? Trying to fit all the songs of a 45 min. side of 90 min. tape. This was before the 120 min. tapes came out which we all know are crap since they always died a quick death due the thinness of magnetic tape… ok but before I get lost in analog memories of the Smiths, Blancmange and Talk Talk here are a couple of links related to… mix tapes

Muxtape allows to easly make a mix or mux (how clever…) tape online and share it! Ten songs max, only one song per artist etc. but still very nice. Legal? well Mnnn that is TBD but hey you don’t have to give your work email address… Plus they state they will never give yer email address out!  

Muxtape website

and in case you forgot what the real things looked like check out this wonderful archive of audio tapes… ah man I am getting all teary eyed just looking at TDKs

www.tapedeck.org – online tape archive

oh ya if you make a muxtape, show your love and post a link here!