Brain food – What about me by 1 giant leap

April 24, 2008

nice music with a message. Yes I know music always has a message be it “oh I like pink flowers” or “Rrrrr die I am the spawn of Satttaaaaan!” but I would say 1 giant leap has something of a bit more relevance to say…
Check out a video teaser and the first chapter of a 1 giant leap film.
It’s musical, it’s profound, it’s about people, it’s about us, it’s about god, it’s about death, it’s about sex, it’s about you!

So check it out. Again your brain will thank you! Too bad that not all the episodes are online…
Me don’t like to wait!

What about me – 1 giant leap

and remember the NOW is really all we have!

Thanks Rudie

UPDATE: it seems that only trailers are available online buhuhuh what is up with that…

REUPDATE: well it seems that the first episode is online just click on the watch button? I am confused yes whats new… what is a trailer and what is an episode? Mnnnn
well content listing easier to navigate at dailymotion that is chapter 1