One more reason to drink…

March 8, 2008

As if I needed a reason to drink… naaa ya

anyways it seems moderate drinking of alcohol quickly reduces the of risk of heart disease but wait one drink or less a day. What! Well I am no good at math but guess drinking more would reduce the risk even more!

So raise your glass and fight heart disease… but wait further reading reveals they are just talking about wine…

so here is my interpretation of the facts:

1 glass of wine = good
therefore more glasses of hard booze = really good!
(replace booze with gin or vodka or…)

This makes me wonder do people is Russia suffer from less heart disease problems?…

Now when I wake up with a headache I know that at least I was fighting heart disease the night before!<— man that is bad..

Disclaimer: please drink responsibly and only when legally allowed and don’t drink and drive a bike or a car and don’t drink and work and don’t drink and try have meaningful conversations with the opposite sex. I am in nooooo way suggesting you should drink large amounts of boose not that you then feel the urge to sue my ass and the opinion on this blog are my own and totally devoid of any scientific or logical content well maybe I should say content altogether =) oh ya and I am in no way suggesting that the Russian people consume massive amounts of vodka for the would be totally politically incorrect of me.


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