New mukki of the week! Duffy – Rockferry

March 17, 2008

so found something nice today:
Duffy and her new album Rockferry and so far I am impressed.Great sound a mix of old R&B and 50’s pop with a sprinkle of 80’s pop sensibility (british pop say Fine young cannibals etc.) and a bit of blues and country.
The 23 year old is already getting hailed as the new Amy Winehouse (do we need a new Amy?) which I hope does not mean tattoos and drug problems…

Listening to the songs I can see the comparison but the lyrics on this album when compared to Amy Winehouse sometime vitriolic and damaged ballads seem just a bit well naive.

With her cat eye make-up and 50’s pop star look she sings and elegant and well orchestrated album.  Mark my words this girl will be well know pretty soon.
so check out a couple of her videos:mercy video this songs grooves youtube
rockferry youtube
and ya no German gigs planned yet…