Toca me 2008 in 30 sec. or less if you are fast reader

February 27, 2008

so back from Munich, great conference and weather.

Highlights for moi:

DVEIN titles – spores and metamorphosis overdub
(which were played way too many times btw the website shows little of their new work)

MARIO KLINGEMANN showed an insane online flash tool he is working on for an online software suite

ANDY CAMERON/FABRICA held a very interesting presentation and showed some fabrica work
anyone know if the presentation is available online…?

NANIKA showed stuff you can see on their website, pretty processing stuff. Even though processing was never mentioned unless he has moved on to C++? =)

James of INSERT SILENCE finished off the conference with bang! nice work, good humor and an amazing 3D drawing tool which I would also LOVE to play with!

and kick ass weather!

Low points:

Adobe presentation
Stuck up doormen in Munich bars
Curry wurst which was wayyyyy too expensive and not as good as in good old Hamburg

sooo the verdict: I will be there next year!!

UPDATE: conference title by Dvein can be viewed here (quicktime)